— Ben Peake

Today we completed the ‘Redundant Sydney’ tactical urbanism action.

An experiment in community-centred micro-scale urban renewal addressing Parramatta Rd.

An experiment in community-centred micro-scale urban renewal

An experiment in community-centred micro-scale urban renewal

It seems to me that the issues affecting people along Parra Rd are sometimes too great to address. Billion dollar projects like WestConnex suggest a long term solution that does little to address the issues of today.

Our action was an experiment to question: Is there something we can do now to make Parra Rd better for the people who live near by?

I’m still getting my head around what we learnt from tonight, but one thing is certain – it was a lot of fun!

The Redundant Sydney Team

The Redundant Sydney Team

Photos and more about Redundant Sydney are on our facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedundantSydney



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2013 is shaping up to be a pretty transformative year for me.

- UTS Graduate of the Year
- Part time experience at CO-AP Architects
- Leave Fujitsu after 12 years!
- Start working full time in Architecture at cartewilliamson architects
- Begin casual academic role at UTS as a communications tutor
- Sign up for an off-the-plan apartment with Matt

And tomorrow it’s October.

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I’m excited for my first public lecture! As part of UTS Architecture Theory Review I will be presenting my work from last semester titled: Authorship of the Metropolis.

The talk is at lunchtime, 1pm on Friday, 8th August 2013, Level 5 UTS School of Architecture Foyer (located directly behind the lifts), Faculty of DAB (Building 6), 702 – 730 Harris St, Broadway 2007.

The full list of speakers is;










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This week I started working at Carterwilliamson Architects!

My expectations are to have fun, and learn heaps… and so far my expectations are being met!

Andrew's House by Carterwilliamson ArchitectsAndrew’s House by Carterwilliamson

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Over the weekend I took some photos for a friends jewellery range… Unfortunately due to the weather we couldn’t do the outdoor shoot we had planned, but the opportunity then was to focus on some indoor detailed shots of the jewellery pieces.

Below is my favourite shot from the day. It has some technical failings, but I still like it. The exercise has made me realise I need a new camera. The circa 2005 Nikon D70s is on it’s last legs….

You can see more Lucie Tuesday Jewellery at: http://lucietuesdayjewellery.com

Lucie Tuesday Jewellery



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Welcome Eamesey…

I decided to use my Student Awards money to get something I can hold onto. Quickly I thought an Eames Chair would fit perfectly as a timeless piece I can enjoy. So, today I went and picked up a Eames Moulded Plastic Side Chair from Living Edge.

Eames Moulded Plastic Side Chair Dowel Leg

Matt suggested every time I win an award to buy myself a designer piece… TIWILH.


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On Tuesday night I received two student awards from UTS: the First Degree Graduate of the Year Prize, and The William Edmund Kemp Memorial Prize. Both awards were presented as part of the UTS: Faculty of Design, Architecture & Building Annual Prize Giving Ceremony. I even featured in this weeks Inner West Courier!

Details of the two awards;

First Degree Graduate of the Year Prize
Awarded to the most outstanding student in Design and Professional Studies graduating from the Bachelor’s program. This award is sponsored by the Australian Institute of Architects and is awarded to the student in the final year of the first degree in the study of Architecture who receives the highest total aggregate marks for the three years of this degree. The prize consists of $2000 cash and Institute membership for one year.

The William Edmund Kemp Memorial Prize
Established to perpetuate the memory of William Edmund Kemp and his services as an architect with the Department of Education, in connection with Architecture and Technical Education in New South Wales. Mr Kemp designed the original buildings and workshops of Sydney Technical College at Ultimo and the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. The aim of the award is to encourage academic excellence in Year 3 of the Bachelor of Design in Architecture course. The prize consists of $300 Cash Prize and Medal.

In the local paper!
Rashell Habib from the Inner West Courier also interviewed me about the awards;

2013 - Inner West Courier Cover 130513
Ben Peake - Building for the people - Rashell Habib, Inner West Courier, Tuesday May 14 2013

Ben Peake – Building for the people – Rashell Habib, Inner West Courier, Tuesday May 14 2013


UTS DAB Student Awards
Congratulations to all the other award recipients, including my colleagues: Endriana Audisho, Julian Carlo-Stella, and Jay Griffen.

More details on UTS Student Awards are available online at UTS Architecture site http://www.utsarchitecture.net/index.php/menu/student-awards/

There are some more photos on the UTS DAB Prize Giving Ceremony Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/78503285@N04/sets/72157633514684344/ 



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At the end of last year I lost all the data from an external harddrive… I didn’t think much of it at the time because I thought it was mostly a backup of files I had on my computer… The exception was my Photography electives… So I actually lost quite a few images.

Thankfully I have the film for a few of them, so I can re-scan them at some point… The following is an iPhone photo of a piece of medium formal slide film, so there is a bit of a wrinkle and quite a bit of dust.

88505 A1 FASHION - Matt at Clovelly

This was for a fashion photography assignment. The idea was to shoot with the fashion mostly removed, in a post-apocalyptic setting… in this case the rocks at Clovelly!


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Graduation - Looking up

Today I formally graduated and have been admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Design in Architecture!

We celebrated our achievement in quite a serious and formal process. However, I can honestly say the experience was a lot more fun, exciting, and inspiring than I expected… there is just something awesome about wearing academic dress that I hadn’t previously appreciated… the weight, the way it trailed behind as I walked, the trencher cap which added an element of regality to my stance. Mind you it didn’t stop my colleagues and I pretending we were characters in Harry Potter.

The Occasional Address by Chris Johnson, AM was a reminder that this achievement is just the beginning of a new career for me in Architecture. Chris was the Government Architect of NSW for a decade, and has had a career in the built environment spanning many more across all scales. He spoke of the development of his roles in architecture, and the various achievements, including a significant role in the designing of architecture for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. An interesting aspect of Chris’s address was the shifting of public architecture design from the Government office to private sector over his tenure, and the reduction of the influence of governance over the built environment. Which is an interesting point given my current research into authorship of the metropolis, our right to the city, and the effect of neoliberalism on social benefit.

As I said, an exiting and inspiring day.

It has also been an opportunity for reflection… Thank you to all the lecturer, tutors and staff that have helped to shape my education along the way… and special thanks for the significant support of my friends and family, and the unquestioning understanding of my partner.


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They say you learn something new every day… Today I learnt about Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong… Formerly the worlds most densely populated area with 300 interconnected high-rise buildings (move over Steven Holl) constructed without architects, legislation, or health & safety… Not surprisingly it was demolished in the 90s.

Some information and photos on Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2139914/A-rare-insight-Kowloon-Walled-City.html#axzz2JyionuEb

A wonderful cross section, documented by the Japanese: http://www.deconcrete.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Kowloon-Cross-section-low.jpg

Amazing what we do.


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